Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Equinox thoughts

     Today is another beautiful day in Southeastern AZ. I’m enjoying the feeling of Fall in the air. So far this year we’ve seen uncommon freezes in the first part of the year. Many people had frozen and burst water pipes (so many that the local plumbers were very busy and home improvement stores found themselves out of plumbing supplies for weeks), many people found that their trees and other garden plants died from the freeze. About the time that was over with the winds started, this year there were uncommonly high winds that lasted much longer than normal.

     Before the winds stopped, a fire broke out in the Huachuca Mountains and quickly got out of control, because of the high winds and very dry conditions. The fire destroyed homes and displaced many people, as it threatened to burn up the San Pedro valley and the town of Sierra Vista.
     Through all of this, the people in this area and many who are not from here pulled together as a community and helped each other find temporary homes for the evacuees, their families and animals. There were thousands of donations to the local fire departments, for the firefighters and the evacuees. I was truly impressed with the outpouring of help and genuine care for each other.
     Right after the fire was put out, the monsoons started and the people who were affected by the fire were now threatened with flooding. Without vegetation on the mountains the rains just ran off the mountains, gathering up debris and ashes to be deposited in the yards of those closest to the fire area.
     It seemed like Mother Nature, was pushing everyone in this area to the brink. I have a different understanding of it. I’ve seen this area filling with negative energy for several years now.

     There used to be several groups of Pagans, (Wiccan, Druid, Shamanic practitioners, and others) who regularly held ceremony in the mountains. These groups worked together to bring a sense of community and acceptance into the area. There were open circles on the Sabbats, regular community gathering at a local restaurant, and even an outreach group who worked with the Chaplin on base to provide a place for the pagan military personnel to be welcomed and celebrate.

     All of this fell apart… there was infighting, gossiping, and drama of all kinds. Several of the individuals and groups felt they were the only ones trying to bring the community together and ended up very burned out and retreated from the community.

     I believe that this destruction of the community was the beginning of this year’s natural phenomena. We stopped honoring the earth through celebrations, we stopped honoring each other, and the Earth Mother took it in her own hands to clear this area of the negative energy we inadvertently planted here. I realize we are not the only ones to contribute to this build up of negativity, but the Pagans in this area were and are the ones who forgot our way. It's been years since we've celebrated together or even actively shown respect to each other.

     This Friday is the Autumn Equinox, and I hadn’t thought about how I would celebrate, until today. I am going to do my own personal ceremony thanking Her for taking things into Her own hands and giving us the opportunity to connect with everyone (of all belief systems) in the area, as we pulled together for each other’s safety and well being.

     This area is not the only area affected by flooding, fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, and whatever else… Earth Mother has been shaking out her carpets, and scrubbing her walls this year, all over the planet.

     I encourage everyone to take this time to thank Her (or whomever you believe is deity) for the work She has done to clear out stagnant energy, and take this opportunity to remember this is the second harvest festival… have we been reaping what we’ve sown? Reflect on that… I will be.

Have a Wicked Good day!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Love Spell

When casting a love spell it is very important to remember that to cast for some particular persons attention, although very attractive to many, can be a practice fraught with unseen or unconsidered outcomes.
I suggest, when casting a spell for love, you clear your mind of an intention for a particular person to be the one to fall for you. It is generally better to cast a spell to attract to you the perfect love for you. This leaves the spell open to bring to you the qualities you are looking for in love, regardless, of the person or circumstances.
Often we think we have found the person or love situation that will be most fulfilling to us, but we take into consideration, the other person or people involved in our quest for love, have free will. By casting with the intentions of particulars, we in effect are hindering or taking the others freewill, from them.
In the practice of spell craft there is what I call the law of three. This is a concept that the energy you put out will return to you three times over. It doesn’t matter what type of energy you are working (heavy or light) it will come full circle and return to you. Because there are so many different traditions that work with spell craft you can interpret this to fit your particular belief system. For some this will be returned in differing degrees, yet it is always returned.
An example of this type of spell working out in a way that wasn’t expected is... The time I decided to cast a spell for a particular individual. The spell worked, we got together and he moved into my home with my four children. At first I thought things were going great, and I ended up pregnant. Our daughter was born and she is an amazing kid, but... he was not the right man for me... Our relationship became distant and detached from each other and I found out that he was treating my older children poorly... we eventually broke up after I found out he was seeing another woman... the lesson I learned, was, in matters of casting for love, not to cast for particulars, but instead to cast for the one who is right for me... I did cast a spell of this nature and I now have a wonderful man in my life, who I would not have picked for myself.
A simple, yet effective, spell to follow is to choose a time when you can honestly say you have no particular person in mind.

Start by clearing your mind, and getting into a place where you feel in love with yourself. You can do this by listening to music that uplifts your spirit, or by simply sitting quietly and thinking of anything you love.

Once you are in this place of peace and love, gather up some pink, red, or a combination of the two, rose petals. You will also want to have a pink, red, and white candle. If you don’t have these items other flower petals can be substituted, and one or more of the above colored candles, will work.

If you have a picture, statue, or some other item that represents, a feminine deity you associate with unconditional love, such as Kuan Yin, Mary, Isis, or any others you feel comfortable with, bring this with you.

You will also want a bowl of water and some incense of some kind. I usually use sage, but rose or some other floral scented incense is fine.

Have a clean piece of paper (and a pen)with you and a fire proof container of some kind. Terra cotta flower pots are great, or you can go all out and get a cast iron cauldron.

Choose a place where you can place these items and this is where you will cast your spell and set your altar.

Now that you have everything ready, begin by lighting your incense and waving it around you in a circular motion, while stating out loud or in your heart that you are clearing this area of any and all restricting energy, and filling this space with complete love and trust.

Put your incense in a fire safe burner of your choice on your altar.

Place your image of the female deity on your altar asking her to help bring love into all areas of your life.

Now you will light each of the three candles, starting with white for universal love, pink for love of family and friends, and finally red for passion and sensuality.

As you stand before your altar float several of the rose petals in the bowl of water to symbolize the love you are intending to draw to your self to come to you in a way that is nourishing to both of you.

Now you will take the paper and pen and write all of the qualities you wish to have in your new love. It may take some time to really get them all down, and don’t worry about the order they are written.

After you have the qualities written down (remember to keep your mind clear of any particular person) Use your own words to ask that the person who best fits this description is brought into your life with the highest and best intentions for all involved. As you say these words, light this paper on fire with one of the candles and place the paper into the fire proof container to burn completely out.

Now thank your deity for being by your side in this working and thank all the other energies involved in your working, and state that your space is now clear.

Leave the candles and incense to burn completely out. After they have burned completely out gather up the flower petals, candle leavings, paper ashes, and remainder of incense and put them in a pouch of your choice. Place this pouch in a safe place and wait for your true love to come into your life. Don’t be discouraged if your results aren’t immediate, but don’t be surprised if they are.

I hope this simple spell can be of help to anyone looking to bring love into thier life. Remember.... Spells can be informal or formal, you do not have to follow this to the tee, but it is a good guide. You can find many books available through Madame Molly's  and we also offer different spells for different intentions.

Have a Wicked Good day!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Pagan Listening

Here in Southeastern AZ, it is a grey day, not quite gloomy, but getting there. While I’m sitting here drinking a great cup of homemade Hot Chocolate and surfing the net for new products and wondering what Pagans in the US listen to for entertainment, I came to the conclusion…. We are all unique individuals and our music choices would all reflect our own individual flair. I’m sure many of us have our own favorite genre of music, but I find myself choosing to tune into music that reflects my Spiritual path.

Click on the link below to experience one of my favorite on-line Pagan radio programs.

Have a Wicked Good day!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Short Book Review and more

Today has been a great day so far… I’ve been on line all day researching new products and new suppliers for Madame Molly’s, I’ve found several. There are more spells, and spell kits that I will be adding as time goes by. I’ve found some really great suppliers for ritual clothing to include capes and robes. I’ve even found a supplier that offers Magickal chocolate’s. They look fantastic!

I’ve also been adding more books to the Amazon affiliate book store. I realize many of you shop through Amazon already, so the affiliate books store is a quick and easy way for Madame Molly’s to showcase recommended reading materials. It also doesn’t hurt that the affiliate program helps support Madame Molly’s. 
Please check out the category listings for: Paganism, Wicca,WitchcraftOccult/HighMagickShamanism, and Voodoo/Hoodoo.  I’ll be adding more categories all the time and updating the already showcased listings. I’ve just finished reading “Drawing Down the Moon”, by Margot Adler. This is a great discussion of the changing world of Neo-Paganism (in general). She goes into great detail about the different paths within the Neo-Pagan community. Though some of the discussions on a few of the various groups left me wishing she hadn’t gone into as much detail, there were other groups and individuals I wish she had spent more time on.
One of the earliest personalities in my introduction to the Neo-Pagan world was “The official witch of Salem” Laurie Cabot. I never met her in person, but was introduced to Witchcraft by one of her initiates and a close friend of mine. My favorite book by Ms. Cabot is “The Witch in Every Woman”, and every time I read it I feel a strong sense of wonder and self empowerment, and I wish more was dedicated to her in Adler’s book.
Please if you haven’t already read the books I’ve mentioned, add them to your reading list.

Have a Wicked Good day!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Spell for today

I’ve been holding off on doing a business spell for several years now. I don’t know, I guess I never thought the time was right or maybe I just didn’t believe in my ability to be a part of a prosperous and successful business.
A couple of weeks ago I decided it was time. Madame Molly’s had been gifted a business spell several years ago, by Dr. Bombay and I dug it out of my other magickal supplies and read over the instructions again.  I found that this spell called for a particular day and moon phase for it to be cast.
I consulted my calendar and found that the upcoming Sunday was not the right moon phase, but the following would be. I also remember thinking the Universe was smiling down on me that particular day, because the day for the spell also happened to fall on my Dad’s birthday. Dad died many years ago, but I always let him know I’m thinking of him, especially on his birthday. Dad was a great business man in his own right, and a craftsman to boot. As a cowboy and saddle maker he taught me the “ropes” of operating a small business.
As I cast my spell today and felt the magick of the spell surround me, I also felt my dad and his loving energy.  It seemed as if he was encouraging me and letting me know… “The time is right” go forward and be successful.
The candles are both nearly out and soon I will pack the charred spell sheet and flower petals away into a pouch along with the carnelian crystal I held as I invoked this particular spell. I will then place this spell pouch somewhere where Dad’s love and supporting energy will be prevalent each and every time I cast my gaze upon the pouch.

Have a Wicked Good day!