Thursday, September 8, 2011

Short Book Review and more

Today has been a great day so far… I’ve been on line all day researching new products and new suppliers for Madame Molly’s, I’ve found several. There are more spells, and spell kits that I will be adding as time goes by. I’ve found some really great suppliers for ritual clothing to include capes and robes. I’ve even found a supplier that offers Magickal chocolate’s. They look fantastic!

I’ve also been adding more books to the Amazon affiliate book store. I realize many of you shop through Amazon already, so the affiliate books store is a quick and easy way for Madame Molly’s to showcase recommended reading materials. It also doesn’t hurt that the affiliate program helps support Madame Molly’s. 
Please check out the category listings for: Paganism, Wicca,WitchcraftOccult/HighMagickShamanism, and Voodoo/Hoodoo.  I’ll be adding more categories all the time and updating the already showcased listings. I’ve just finished reading “Drawing Down the Moon”, by Margot Adler. This is a great discussion of the changing world of Neo-Paganism (in general). She goes into great detail about the different paths within the Neo-Pagan community. Though some of the discussions on a few of the various groups left me wishing she hadn’t gone into as much detail, there were other groups and individuals I wish she had spent more time on.
One of the earliest personalities in my introduction to the Neo-Pagan world was “The official witch of Salem” Laurie Cabot. I never met her in person, but was introduced to Witchcraft by one of her initiates and a close friend of mine. My favorite book by Ms. Cabot is “The Witch in Every Woman”, and every time I read it I feel a strong sense of wonder and self empowerment, and I wish more was dedicated to her in Adler’s book.
Please if you haven’t already read the books I’ve mentioned, add them to your reading list.

Have a Wicked Good day!

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