Sunday, September 4, 2011

Spell for today

I’ve been holding off on doing a business spell for several years now. I don’t know, I guess I never thought the time was right or maybe I just didn’t believe in my ability to be a part of a prosperous and successful business.
A couple of weeks ago I decided it was time. Madame Molly’s had been gifted a business spell several years ago, by Dr. Bombay and I dug it out of my other magickal supplies and read over the instructions again.  I found that this spell called for a particular day and moon phase for it to be cast.
I consulted my calendar and found that the upcoming Sunday was not the right moon phase, but the following would be. I also remember thinking the Universe was smiling down on me that particular day, because the day for the spell also happened to fall on my Dad’s birthday. Dad died many years ago, but I always let him know I’m thinking of him, especially on his birthday. Dad was a great business man in his own right, and a craftsman to boot. As a cowboy and saddle maker he taught me the “ropes” of operating a small business.
As I cast my spell today and felt the magick of the spell surround me, I also felt my dad and his loving energy.  It seemed as if he was encouraging me and letting me know… “The time is right” go forward and be successful.
The candles are both nearly out and soon I will pack the charred spell sheet and flower petals away into a pouch along with the carnelian crystal I held as I invoked this particular spell. I will then place this spell pouch somewhere where Dad’s love and supporting energy will be prevalent each and every time I cast my gaze upon the pouch.

Have a Wicked Good day!

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