Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I am familiar with the eight sabbats commonly celebrated by wiccans and some pagans and I personally do not celebrate the major sabbats. I focus on the solstices and equinoxes which are referred to as the minor sabbats. I never understood why the sabbats marked by the changing of the seasons would be labeled lesser, but I’ve gone past that with a big shoulder shrug and a “whatever” (sighed).

For me the changing of the seasons, especially the summer and Winter solstice are the sabbats I focus on. It’s not that I was taught by a particular person or tradition that had less focus on the major sabbats, it is just what feels right to me… I did learn while doing some research on the Pagan practices of my Polish ancestors, that the early Poles and other Slavic people often held a primary focus on Summer and Winter solstices. It made me wonder if on some deeper level I was drawn to the seasonal celebrations of my ancestors. It’s a thought that might support the idea that learned behaviors can be passed down through the generations without there ever being an emphasis placed on these behaviors or beliefs.  
I just can’t get into the whole… Imbolc and ewe’s first milk thing… I grew up on a farm in Wisconsin and we raised sheep, cattle, horses, goats, fowl, and various other typical farm animals…  I don’t remember noticing the ewes bagging up at the first part of February… it was still usually cold and snowy, and we didn’t see any “sign” until the first part of March and then lambs started coming right around Spring Equinox. Anyway.. that's what I remember... I was a kid and that was a while ago.

The major sabbats are thought to be more important by some than the minors or the seasonal changes. I have never felt that is true. I will admit the veil or energy barrier between this world and the other world is thinner both Samhain and Beltane, and I do utilize this time of the year to focus on divination and communication with those who reside in the other worlds. 

Because I am participating in the Pagan Blog Project, I have found myself thinking about Imbolc and what it means to me today. In many of these instances, I wondered if I “should” do something for this sabbat, and then decided that the contemplation of the day was all I was going to participate in today.
I normally don’t even go that far for Imbolc. 

My contemplation today has brought me to a place of decision; I am going to let the energy of the day, Spirit, God/dess, direct me in regard to celebrating the major sabbats. I have a feeling I’m going to be surprised as the year unfolds. I am looking forward to hearing and heading the call of the sabbats this year. It's sounding decidedly Slavic..

Have a Wicked Good Day!


  1. Lol I so had the same thing ! we are in MB Canada and wow is it cold .our eldest ds now 24 was born on Imbolc and it was a darn cold winter that yr. animals are not having babes then . I tend too , to be focused on the seasonal changes as my aboriginal ancestors were , gathering and hunting moving with seasons , however I also did sort of connect via ST.Brigid when I was in my catholic faze . It helped me look at motherhood and my dd was just pregnant at the time . now 5 yrs later she is looking towards midwifery and it reminds me of rebirth , renewal . I discovered the goddess Danu and she reminds me of our dd's journey . It is the time the sun does feel stronger through the window and I remembered my Mum planting bulbs in a tray of stones and water so they'd be bloomingby Easter . I start my seeds for certain flowers and veggies this time of yr. So maybe I am more connected than I thought ☺ I sort of had felt the same way about Lammas but I guess it is true it is a first harvest but consideing we eat the first pigweed shoots and violets in May it is not the first harvest for us . I am trying to spend more of this yr on our aboriginal traditions and get away from the european pagan trads they sort of dominate the internet .it should be an interesting yr. !

  2. I enjoyed reading your post and do love the picture of the snowy's like she has a little snowy bonnet on LOL. Anyway, I think it all depends on where a person lives regarding the 'first milk' thing, or rather where the sheep live. Here in Britain some lambs come really early - end of Jan and into Feb so obviously the milk will be in. also regarding the 'greater' and 'lesser' Sabbats. Well they are just labels people have put on them. for me each turning of the Wheel is important, no less than the other but I say do as your heart calls you to do and that is perfect for you! I believe each person should follow the call of their ancestors, if that's what is important to them, and as we all live in different parts of the world and our ancestral heritage might be quite different from each others. It's all part of the grand tapestry of life isn't it - how wonderful!