Saturday, November 26, 2011

Altar Re-sets

Living Room Altar
WOW… so much has gone on since I last wrote. I have gone on a cleaning binge in my home. It started with tearing down my bedroom altar and throwing a royal hissy fit... at life in general. I still have not re-set that altar, but I did re-set one of my living room altars. This altar is a multi level altar, set in an entertainment center.

1st Level
Each of the levels represents a specific level of who I am Spiritually/Magically. The very top level has the skull of a horse that I used to own, deer antlers found in the dessert near my home, roses in a vase given to me by my sons and fiancé, scrimshaw art work my Dad made, as well as turtle shell and gourd rattles. This is the level of everything that is most primal in my Spirituality. This is the level I honor my inner Shaman.

2nd Level
The second level down, and main focus is the altar of myself. Here I have two distinct paintings created by two very different artists' depicting how they view me as a magickal practitioner. One of the paintings is a whimsical patchwork witch and her carefree black kitty. This is the one I express to the outside world the most often.
Witchy Poo
Chanda Mendoza

The other painting is a much deeper understanding of who I am as a magician/witch. This was given to me by a brilliant magickal practitioner who shared his magickal lineage with me. For several years I’ve kept this painting hidden, because I didn’t think I wanted to work with that energy anymore. But… as I was setting this part of the altar, I kept hearing a repetitive phrase running through the deepest part of my mind. “You can’t fight the lineage” …

She Dances as Raven
 Micheal Laridon
So, I’ve decided to honor this part of who I am and bring this energy back into my life. This energy can be unsettling and powerful, even chaotic. To most people it would seem this energy is something that takes control and spins you out into the vast reaches of the universe, never to be found quite the same again. I think that is probably just what most of us really need, a spin on the wheel of magick, just to let the loose stuff fly away, and disorient you enough to decide who and what you need in your life. I’m not saying this is an easy energy to work with, initially, but after several years of letting the dust settle… I’m much clearer about who I am and what I am here on this particular plane to do.

3rd Level
The third and final level is a place where I keep the tools I use for divination. I have two scrying bowls, one my son made for me and the second one I made. I also keep the magick box my oldest daughter made for me as well as other ceramic pieces my other children made for me. Often I incorporate things my children have made for me or given me as part of my magick tools. This keeps me focused on the purpose of my work…. my family… No matter the energy I’m working with at any given time, I think of what effect this might have on my children and their children.

Have a Wicked Good day!