Friday, January 6, 2012

As Above so Below

As Above so Below... I heard this phrase as a child... it was something the priest used to say... at the time I thought he was telling me to mind my manners because God was watching me… I remember being told that which I held in condemnation here on Earth is also held in condemnation in Heaven… That’s a heavy concept for a child to understand. 

As I grew into a young adult and began questioning the faith of my parents, I came to the understanding that most of what their religion and, for that matter, most religions, teach are beliefs and truths from Pagan roots. 

This questioning is what brought me to understand, that what I was taught as a child really wasn’t that far off, from the Pagan understanding of this concept. This is where some of you may start to bow up and declare the concepts are dissimilar, but if you understand the concept and recognize the words used to describe this vibrational existence and some other vibrational existence are just that... words.. 

It’s the concepts that are important to focus on... Not the words... 

By Micheal Laridon
I also recognize that in order for this concept to resonate with me I had to understand that it could be and was in reverse as well…. "As Below so Above"… this actually seems to make more sense from the human perspective…Another way it makes sense to me is “As Within so Without” … what you do with energy internally, manifests externally… 

 When trying to understand and relate to the Gods, we find they are aspects of the human experience… or universal energies…. We often find ourselves changing this energy to a more personal place of power and we begin to take responsibility for the energy we manipulate through Magick, or other means... 

This concept is one of the threads of truth that seems to run through all Spiritual expressions and understanding... You will find examples of this in Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Kabbalistic, and all other spiritual paths, including the modern path of science. 

This one phrase “As Above so Below” a reminder that we are in direct communication, or entangled, with all energies, known and unknown, to us… It is a statement of honor of the “other” and responsibility for ourselves and any and all action, thought, feeling, etc. we take in our existence. 

 I haven’t included a history of this phrase, because I’m not sure it is really all that important to understand that there is a story indicating this was a concept written on an Emerald Tablet, found in the tomb of an Egyptian priest named Hermes Trismegistus… This is only one legend... there are many more... most of them are similar enough to each other that it becomes unimportant to know which legend is the “correct” and “true” story.

Be mindful… and remember… this is my personal understanding of this concept…

Have a Wicked Good Day!


  1. It's wonderful how you worked in that this also applies to our responsibility to all overs and how we are connected. With Heathens we talk of our luck and how our actions affect it and all others we are connected with. Even the gods are affected by it. So as below, so above. :)

  2. It's one of my favorite concepts. Thank you for sharing!

  3. An excellent reminder that it's not just the words, or even what we conceptualize when we hear certain words, but also the energetic pattern behind them... patterns as old as the human spirit. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a wonderful way to look at this concept! And you explained it so well! Thank you for sharing!