Saturday, January 14, 2012

When Magick is working and you know it!

I am the mother of a soldier. I am also the mother of 4 other amazing children, but today’s post is focused on my son, the soldier. My son’s name is Dustin and when I was choosing his name I liked that it was a strong name, but it really didn’t dawn on me that choosing a name that means “great warrior” would or could have such a great influence on his current employment status as soldier.
After Skating all day!

Before Dustin joined the Army he was a skater boy. With long, curly, nearly black hair and freckles, he looked just like the warriors from our Scottish ancestry. He is strong, funny, and has a really soft and gentle soul. Why he joined the Army, well… it’s beyond me… I can only guess it is because the meaning of his name took him there.

When Dustin joined the army he had his curls cut off in a military cut prior to heading off to basic training. My youngest, Jolene, and I took a curly lock and cast a protection spell around him.  We both, spend time reflecting and focusing on enforcing that protection spell often. 

After he graduated Basic and AIT training to be an MP, he informed us he might be shipped out to the Middle East straight off. Jolene and I refocused on his safety and he was stationed at in the US at the same post he completed his training…. Now, you gotta understand he hated it there, but he was safe…
The next incidence of noticing the spell is working was when he shattered his leg during PT and had to have plates put in his leg. This may not sound like a protective experience, but it was something that made him non-deployable for a short period of time...

He recently deployed to the Middle East and has not had any combat experience. He is bummed, but again, Jolene and I are still recharging that spell all the time… 

Today, Dustin called and said he will be returning home early. He is not pleased, but his wife is thrilled, they are expecting their first baby next month, and Jolene and I know… Magick is in the air!!

Have a Wicked Good Day!

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