Friday, February 24, 2012

Drifting and Defining

How many of us have started our Spiritual paths on alternative pathways only to find that after a short period of searching and looking at various forms of witchcraft, paganism, magickal practices, etc… we now have found ourselves completely adrift; like a small piece of cork just bobbing along in the currents of life and magick?

When I first started searching for my way, I read every book I could find, joined a couple different groups, and even became a Healing Minister in the ULC (Universal Life Church) so that I could legally perform marriages, and other religious rites. I never fully engaged in my minister ship, mainly because I really just enjoyed giving the occasionally services, in the local metaphysical church I was attending.  I was not really sure of the path I wanted to follow and spent most of my time drifting from one alternative path to another.

During this time I also became a Reiki master, and though I am able to use this healing modality effectively, I normally do not practice Reiki other than to send Reiki energy to people from a distance. 

After about three years of this drifting around, I returned to witchcraft as a more dominant focus. The problem with that was there were sooooo many books and people “out there” claiming their path was the only path. What they forgot to mention in these books, lectures and random conversations was… their path is the only path for them….

I am also a student of Anthropology and find that much of what people claim are ancient practices, simply are not. There are many things we do not understand about the pagan or magickal practices of our ancestors.  Sure there are written records in some cases, very detailed records, but I wonder….

 I have practices and personal connections and understandings of divinity and my spiritual practices where there are no words, known to man; that can adequately describe my experiences. The artifacts that might or might not be found hundreds or thousands of years after I’m gone will likely be misinterpreted. I’m sure they would be…. Many of the trappings of my workings are common objects or could be understood completely differently than my intentions, especially when viewed through the eyes of someone who has not lived in my lifetime nor experienced my world.

I guess what I’m trying to say is what most of us think is the way things were, probably weren’t…

This is where things get muddled for me… I have a strong desire to “know” and “understand” the past and how my ancestors related to the divine. I also know that until they invent a time machine that can take me to the past, I can only make educated guesses at best. I have also found that a connection to the Divine is ever changing. My understanding of any particular expression of Divinity is, by default, filtered through my place on the human time line, the events and people who have shaped my understanding of the world, and my own ability and willingness to make the connection.

After all my studying and making connections with Divinity, I still find myself feeling like that piece of cork bobbing along the currents.

art on cave walls at chauve
Paleolithic art
 I’m beginning to think and feel this is just the beginning of the shift in how humans relate to the Divine. I know my understanding is changing and solidifying. As I research aspects of Divinity that were possibly revered by my Slavic ancestors, I am finding that the beliefs and practices I have may have roots in that ancient connection to the past.  I also found this to be true when I was researching the practices of my ancestors who hail from the British Isles and other northern European ancestors, such as the ancient Germanic tribes.

Most of all I’ve found a much deeper connection in what
may be the Paleolithic peoples. That energy is a much more primal and personal energy and is where I go for my deepest connections and understanding of divinity.

Have a Wicked Good Day!


  1. I like learning about ancient religious practices too, but honestly I don't NEED my religion to be ancient to validate it for me. Every religion was new at some point. Nothing wrong with that! And your right, no matter how much we think we learn its all just speculation. We'd have to actually live in that time to know for sure. So if and when time travel becomes a possibility I suppose we'll know for sure then.

  2. Sorry it took so long to get to commenting on this post. I completely understand your comments regarding the misconceptions that much of what is practiced today is based on the ways of old. I am a student of history and it is painful for me to sometimes read and hear people go on and on about their practices coming from back in the year ... I think people need to just embrace their path as what it is, their path, it doesn't need to have roots back to the ancients, religion is an evolving process anyway.

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