Monday, October 31, 2011

Merry Samhain.. Happy Halloween

For many people Halloween is a night to dress the kids up in spooky or silly costumes and go round to their neighbors collecting goodies with a request of trick-or-treat. Others spend the night and creepy and spooky themed parties, dancing and drinking.

I have always celebrated Halloween in this way, and tonight is no different. I took my daughter out to gather candy and goodies at the local mall, and then went to the city park where there was a Harvest Party taking place. It was a great idea.. there were games and a huge drive up sized movie screen playing "Hocus Pocus"... The fire department was there with search lights waving into the night sky.

As we started our walk around the park we saw hundreds of people there in costume, most of them with children pulling them from booth to booth. Some were playing games, others were just handing out candy, or were they? When we looked around it was clear this celebration was sponsored by many of the local Churches, and they were using this night to hand out copies of the new testament and other literature.

When I got home with my daughter, I checked her candy, as I normally do, and reviewed the pamphlets she was given.

I do appreciate the community coming together to provide a safe Halloween experience, but my daughter will not be reading the literature. Not because I think Christianity is a bad religion, but because, the message being sent in these pamphlets was very false and misleading concerning the religion I practice (witchcraft).

Now that my daughter has gone off to bed, I will celebrate Samhain by reading tarot cards and honoring my ancesters. I would normally include my daughter in this, but she has school in the morning and I want her to have a good nights sleep. As she gets older I will continue to teach her what I believe, but I will leave her choice of spiritual expresion up to her, as I did for her older siblings.

Have a Wicked Good day!

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