Saturday, October 22, 2011

What is a magickal name and how does one go about getting one?

For a long time I did not have a magickal name and I didn’t want one. I felt my birth name was magickal, I still do. My father chose my name before I was born and I’ve always felt my name was Magickal. I wasn’t seeking my new name when it was given to me. I was surprised by the voice and clarity of hearing it spoken to me. I was given my name in the fall I was starting to make new magickal connections and was working with a shamanic journey group. The group had been together for several months, and we were beginning to build rather strong bonds. I was also working with several new people in relation to the business I was in.

Although, the new energy associated with the new people and groups was what I needed for growth at the time, these new things ultimately came to an end and the endings were not as positive as I would have liked.  I believe the new name was given to me by the goddess Macha, as a protective identity. An identity I would be known by in Magick, and no other place.

Madame Molly AKA: Morrigue
It is a strong name and I’ve not shared it with very many people, because I don’t feel it is right for me to do that.

I commonly use Morrigue as a magickal name that can be shared with everyone. I have a strong affiliation for Horses and Ravens or Crows. There are several legends of the Triple goddess Morrigan, sometimes known as Morrigu(e). I relate to the Crone aspect know as Macha (pronounced MOCK-uh)

For some a magickal name is something given to them by a mentor, teacher, or priest(ess), during an initiation ceremony.  For others receiving a magickal name is something they receive privately in trance, meditation or a dream. This is how I received mine. I was in a meditative state when I clearly heard my new name. I also had the very distinct impression I should keep this name private and only reveal it to those I felt should know this name.

There are many who share their magickal names with everyone and anyone who will listen. Many of these names may “seem” cliché at first, as there are many grey wolfs and lady or lord so and so’s out there. There is nothing wrong with these names, and there is nothing wrong with sharing your magickal name if that is what you are comfortable with.

The lineage or tradition you have learned your craft in may also play a role in what type of magickal name you receive, when you receive it, who you receive it from and if it is appropriate to share this name or not.

If you do not have a magickal name and want one, you may wish to speak with your teacher and ask about receiving one within the tradition you are studying, or you may want to take this time, around Samhain (Halloween), to do some trance work and connect with your ancestors and guides. During this work you may wish to hold the idea that you are receptive to receiving a new name for your magickal work. Try not to have any ideas about what you think your name should be, just listen and be open to whatever name is revealed to you.

Have a Wicked Good day!

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