Friday, August 31, 2012

Blue Moon

Today (Aug. 31, 2012) is what many call a Blue Moon. This is second full moon in a month. This is calculated based on the Gregorian calendar that most of us (in the West) use to delineate the passage of time over a year.  Another definition of a full moon is the occurrence of a fourth full moon in a season.The twist is this calendar is based on a tropical year, and has it's start date on the winter solstice.

This is where some people get caught up in the “real or true” understanding of what constitutes a Blue Moon. I’ve seen full blown debates over who is right and who is not in their understanding of this somewhat rare occurrence.
In actuality the Blue Moon is no rarer than the solar leap year. There are approximately 11 more lunar days in a year than there are solar days. This is what brings about a Blue Moon approximately every 2 to 3 years. 

I doesn’t really matter how you determine a moon is blue or not. There are many calendars used throughout the world cultures that take in to account for the difference in lunar to solar days and insert an extra lunar month according to those traditions. 

The moon can appear somewhat blue if there's been a major volcanic eruption that put tons of particles in the air, but otherwise blue moons refer to multiple full moons in certain time frames.
I often work with Lunar or Moon energy when casting spells or setting intentions and tonight’s Blue Moon is no exception. I will set my intentions on this particular full moon, with an understanding that the occurrence of two full moons within one calendar month is something that happens less often than a regularly timed full moon. With this added energy associated with this moon, I will be spending much of the day in contemplation of what I wish to change in my life. 

Often I will use the full moon energy to work towards the elimination of something from my life, by setting the intention during the full phase and watch the energy of moon moving through its waning period; dissipate that which I no longer wish to have as part of my life’s experience.  

Today I will be adding intentions of what I wish to fill my life as well. Once something is removed it often is replaced with an energetically similar event, person, or other life experience. An example of this would be setting your intention to change your job, only to find that the new job is very similar to the one you just left. This is because often we forget to set our intentions to create the energy we want to have in place of that which we are ridding ourselves of. 

Sooo tonight cast away! Work your magick! But most of all remember to set your intentions in balance and know this moon will aid you in your request.

Have a Wicked Good Day!

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