Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Simple Pendulum Dowsing

Pendulums have been used in the dowsing process to locate precious metals, water, and energy centers (such as vortices and ley lines). These simple tools have been used by physicians to diagnose allergies and other ailments and are often used to determine the sex of unborn babies. Pendulum use is officially considered to be a science known throughout Europe as Radiesthesia.

Pendulums are also used as a simple and accurate divination system. A typical pendulum consists of an object at the end of a string or chain. Pendulums can be as simple as a string with a ring on the end or a simple pendant on a chain. You can also find pendulums made from a variety of materials; many of which include crystals, chains, string, or leather thongs. Plumb Bob or plummet are terms for the end of the pendulum that swings freely. The plummet can be made from crystal, wood, metals, or glass and come in a variety of sizes and shapes, be sure this is balanced and doesn’t hang lopsided or heavier on one side.

When choosing, or making a pendulum it is important to choose one you are comfortable with. Depending on the way you intend to use your pendulum you may want to have a chambered or hollow plummet, which allows you to use Essential or Magickal oils, or inscriptions in your divination process.

Image result for simple pendulum chartWhen using your pendulum for dowsing it is important to determine he method you will use to understand the results you are getting. When using a pendulum for divination you can either use a divining chart, which will typically have an area where the pendulum will swing for specific responses such as; Yes, NO, Maybe, letters, numbers, astrological signs, etc. These divination charts can be created or purchased to be broad in their ability to answer questions or be specialized. The questions you ask the pendulum will need to direct and have simple answers that can be found on the chart you are using.

If you choose to use your pendulum without a divination chart it is important to determine the direction your pendulum will swing when responding to Yes, NO, maybe, or irrelevant. I have found that these will be different for each session and I will start by asking the pendulum to show me how it will swing for each of these answers. Once I’ve determined how the pendulum will swing, I will ask a question I know is true and false to be sure the pendulum is tuned to my energy. The next step in my process is to ask the pendulum if it is willing to answer questions now. If you receive any answer other than yes you should not attempt to force the pendulum to answer, because you will likely receive inaccurate responses.

Now that you’ve determined how your pendulum will be working with you it is time to ask questions. Be sure you only ask yes/no questions and if you do not receive the anticipated answer, it will only confuse the energy to ask the same question multiple times. There are times when your pendulum will respond with the movement that indicates your question is irrelevant or may not swing. In these instances, it is best to rephrase the question or move on to another question entirely. Your question may not be important in the greater scheme of things (though you might not recognize this at the time of divination).

For more information on dowsing you can find books dedicated to pendulum dowsing or a quick internet search will result in many websites dedicated to this form of divination.

Do not use dowsing for medical information as a replacement for diagnosis or treatment from a medical practitioner. 

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