Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winter Solstice 2011 (Yule)

This year the winter solstice is at 11:30pm (CST). This marks the longest night of the year. After the apex of the solstice the days will progressively get longer and the nights will grow shorter. I am looking forward to the upcoming year, which will begin after tonight’s solstice.

Though this sounds good, having grown up in Wisconsin and now living in Arizona, I have noticed that the winter months of January and February feel like the longest and coldest part of winter. These months after the celebration of Yule, seem to be the time to hunker down and plow through the cold. 

As a child I remember the energy of magick and wonder of the Yule time season as it progressed through the last part of autumn nearing winter. I have had a difficult time experiencing that feeling of magic as an adult. This is the first year I have felt that magick stirring in the air. I think it has to do with being able to see the mountains covered in snow this year. 

Snow covered Huachuca Mtns.

This summer there was a huge fire that cleared the mountains of most of the larger trees. We have had more snow this year in the mountains than we have had in several years; at least it looks that way because there aren’t the tall trees covering the snow fall.

What brings the magick of the season into your life this year?

Have a Wicked Good Day!

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